Welcome to Our Company!

KMGY is one of the oldest vehicle instrument manufacturers in Europe, in business for more than
110 years. Our position as a reliable European supplier is based on decades of experience in the global market, with continuous development of products, quality, technology and flexibility.


mission Our job is to provide our customers with vehicle instruments according
to their specific needs.
We supply both OEM and replacement components. Our mission is to
support our customers with custom tailored products and supply chain solutions.
technology Our development engineers work to include appropriate technologies in continuous development of more capable,
reliable, and cost-effective instruments. Our team includes engineers and
software programmers working in our
Knowledge Center.
KMGY's effective
use of innovative technologies has been recognized with
support from the EU. In cooperation with our customers and
partners, we look to
the future in providing vehicle end-users with best in class products.

quality management KMGY has produced according to the highest international industry standards for decades. In 1975, KMGY began a long and successful partnership with VDO, producing gauges, sensors and other components under VDO license. Our manufacturing and quality management have been ISO 9001: 2000 certified since 1998, and later certified to the newer EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. KMGY has also introduced enterprise solution management systems and an FMEA quality management process.

the aims of KMGYAt KMGY we are proud of our success in building long term relationships. We understand the benefits to our partners of mutual understanding and close cooperation. As a well established European company, we know that our focus on continuous communication and feedback with our partners is key to mutual success. We have also partnered with the Technical University of Budapest to search for and develop new solutions according to our customers' needs.