Our retrofit tachometers will be available again.

Input: Ignition coil or Alternator ‘W’

Some type will be provided with programmable transmission and Shift – up lamp.

The tachometers will be built into plastic cases with 80 mm diameter.





The developped device is a new universal terminal for agricultural machinery which will be suitable to make data contact between tractor and the towed equipment.

The user will be able to operate some functions of equipments via terminal. In addition to basic functions, the device can be customised for real time video camera display, monitoring the onboard diagnostic system, and agricultural navigation.


The device contains a 7″, 800×480, true color TFT display. The display is assembled with touch sensor but maechanical keys are available also.


The device has two independent digital and a lot of analog chanels (frequency, high/low, impedance). There is a RS232 and an USB 2.0 connector to connect other devices.


The terminal can be mounted with VESA 75 consol.




New accessories are available in the ‘Other – Products’ section.



Trabant – Wartburg combined instrument

New type is available: 38 0204 63 004

This type is suitable for vehicles which are built with 3 cylinder / 2 stroke engene and 3.1101/01 C120 temperture sensor.



Trabant – Wartburg combined instrument

The Trabant Wartburg combined instrument is available for pre-order.

Expected lead time is 15 working days.



Trabant – Wartburg Combined Instrument

The prototypes have been made. They are under test procedure in laboratory and real environmental conditions also.


20. 05. 2020

Trabant – Wartburg Combined Instrument

The popular Trabant – Wartburg combined instrument of 80’s, 90’s will return soon.

The 100 mm diameter instrument will contain a tachometer, a fuel level gauge and a temperature gauge.

It will be 100% compatible with the previous type.

It will be suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Trabant, Wartburg – 4 cylinder / 4 stroke      KMGY ID#: 38 0204 63 001
  • Wartburg, Barkas – 3 cylinder / 2 stroke        KMGY ID#: 38 0204 63 002

The second type will be available with 40 – 120°C spare temperature sensor.     KMGY ID#: 38 0204 63 003  +  38 0047 36 001

The new Instruments will be available from May of 2020.


07. 10. 2020

EUR / Ft

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