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KMGY ID: 38007439001

7 465 Ft (including tax: 9 481 Ft)


CLASS: 6578780

MAN: 51.27420-0008

MERCEDES-BENZ: 002 542 73 17


Temperaturgeber mit Warnkontakt

Czujnik temperatur i wyłącznik temperaturowy

Čidlo teploměru a teplotní spínač

Датчик температуры и термовыключатель



Connector: DIN 6.3 / DIN 6.3
D (mm): 10.7
L (mm): 37
Range: [T] 40-120 °C
Thread: M14x1.5
Voltage: 6 - 24V
Switching point: [T] 100 °C
Electrical Connection: Common ground

7 in stock (can be backordered)

Temperature sensor and switch

The transmitter is suitable for measuring the temperature of the cooling fluid, the motor oil or the cylinder head. The output resistance is changed proportionally to the temperature of the measured medium. The included switch is suitable for closing an electric circuit over a determined temperature.

Weight 0.3 kg

D (mm)

L (mm)




Switching point

Electrical Connection

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